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Recreational Drugs - Hellfe - 02-13-2013

The information in this thread is not intended to promote the use of illegal substances. It is for harm reduction and educational purposes only.

I wrote most of this on a higher dose of a drug than I usually take for medical purposes. (i was going to use this extra calmness and longer attention span to learn Java, but I guess this is a pretty good work of art.) So if it sounds more like a report than a question with my opinion sorry, I just really enjoyed doing this and I hope you learn something Why Not maybe who knows?

What are your guy’s opinions on using drugs recreationally or for other non-prescription uses? This could include everything from Haloperidol and Olanzapine to DMT, and Heroine to Methamphetamine. (I use these drugs as examples because of this picture) In this thread I’m going to talk about Nootropic and Entheogens, since they are the ones I’m most interested in.

My Experiences
Drugs are risky, but can be very beneficial. You can get trapped by addictions, but you can also use them as a brain boost and for spiritual enlightenment, as well as good times of course. I've done a small variety of drugs. This would include Cannabis, Alcohol, LSD, Psychedelic mushrooms, Modafinil, MDMA, a couple pain killers, and Amphetamines, which I'm on now (this is not meth, they sound the same, but they are very different, well actually not really. They are safer and not as strong.)

Nootropic (Smart Drugs)
I take Vyvanse for my ADHD which is an amphetamine, but I'm on a larger dose today. I usually take 40mg a day, but I took a 60mg around 11~12 am and I took another 60mg about half an hour ago. They make me real productive. They use to give me a warm snuggly feeling and made me want to hug people. Amphetamines if I had to wrap them up in one sentence would be “heart to heart conversations and homework” It is the opposite of the person you guys know as Hellfe. But there are other drugs I know that can actually make you smarter. Now, “make you smarter” is a bit of a touchy phrase. I should say “drugs that help you get smarter” or “drugs that help recall memories”. I would love there to be a drug like in the movie Limitless (but without all the withdraws), the closest thing to that would be Amphetamines which help focus (they are mostly ADHD pills), Eugeroics which are “("Wakefulness Enhancers")—unproven primary mechanisms but proven efficacy” says Wikipedia (but I’m sure they have to do with memory), and Xanthines which keep you awake. Smart drugs can even include caffeine from coffee or tea. (yes, even the US government classifies caffeine as a drug)

These are personally the ones I’m most interested in. I truly believe that drugs can give you insight and even a spiritual experience. If you didn’t know, drug that have these attributes are called entheogens. They are usually psychedelics that include everything from DMT to THC on that chart, with some wiggle room back and forth. By insight I mean learning something new about how to live or something about yourself that will benefit your overall life. The first time I took LSD I had a very frightening and very reality changing experience. I’m not going to go into details about it, but I think I have a new idea of how the universe works, on a spiritual/quantum level. I really don’t understand it and I want to figure it out. I’m hoping one day to take another dose of that size (because the other times I’ve taken LSD it hasn’t been that intense) or another drug to study the sensation and get a better understanding or it. At some point in my life I really would like to do DMT which is a natural chemical that is even in your brain and every living creature it is possibly the safest drug EVER! Although it is harsh on your lungs when you smoke it, but really, nothing you smoke is “good” for your lungs. Whatever those stoners try to tell you WEED IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR LUNGS! IT DOES NOT CURE CANCER (although for some reason it does not cause cancer) BUT IT CAN CAUSE OTHER LUNG DISEASES! What a lot of people don’t seem to understand (or just refuse to understand) it is not bad for your brain at all (It’s already in your brain) and if you believe in some conspiracy theories it is even GOOD for your brain (maybe later I’ll talk about why this is). If you want to know more about DMT watch a documentary called DMT - THE SPIRIT MOLECULE . Or if you’re bored you can pirate it or something, idk. It’s interesting even if you're not into the subject
Dissociation: the splitting off of a group of mental processes from the main body of consciousness, as in amnesia or certain forms of hysteria.
Dissociatives are similar to psychedelics in the way that they change and distort reality. But they have a way of completely taking you away from your current thought process. These drugs would include DXM (cough syrup), PCP, and Ketamine. (Some people would put Salvia divinorum in this group, but others would put it with psychedelics) These drugs have been known to very dangerous (if you didn’t notice the PCP). If you are thinking about doing these I would stay away from PCP (and I’m pretty sure bath salts are included in this group also) for it is just not worth it. If you want to do DXM make sure you have the right brands, some brands have chemicals in them that could fuck you up (in a bad way). Delsym is about the only one I can think of that doesn’t have the bad shit in it (even robitussin, the medicine the term “robo tripping” was named after has Guafenisen in it, which is no good)

I’ve never done dissociatives, but I find them interesting and I’m wanting to try them. So, all the information I’m giving you in this section is from what I’ve heard and read.

Recreation or Poison?
To put it simply, if you are safe and smart about drugs you can use them to have fun if you like. If you don’t enjoy them, well you don’t enjoy them. Would you play video games if you didn’t like video games? No, of course not! But then again, it’s not dangerous to play video games with someone who is drunk (unless you have some very angry drunks and you are a good gamer). Yes, some drugs are dangerous from the very first hit you take. They can cause addictions, sickness, and even death. If you do a drug you should probably think about it hard, “is this my choice, or am I becoming a victim to peer pressure” “how will this affect my school, social, and family life” and things along those lines. Sometimes you could be offered something and not have time to think. If you think you’re going to be around something (even if you’re not planning to partake) think about those questions. Just for fuck sakes be careful.
So what are your guy’s opinions on the matter? I kind of rambled a bit, but at least you have some good reading material right?

If anybody here is thinking about trying any kind of drug i beg you, please PM me about it. (No, this is not for a hookup) But believe it or not I care for you all and I don’t want to get hurt in anyway. I would be more than glad to answer any question you may have and give you resources to make your own opinions and do your own research.
I promise not to share any information or any intentions you may have with anybody.

~ love Hellfe

RE: Recreational Drugs - Haxorus - 02-13-2013

Well now I want to take some motherfucking DMT

RE: Recreational Drugs - Joe - 02-13-2013


Blush  Angel


Cool Smile

Sleepy   Angel

RE: Recreational Drugs - Towel - 02-13-2013

(02-13-2013, 02:31 AM)Joe McBobski Wrote: If you want to try drugs, go ahead. But be safe about them, and know your own limits. That is all.

This. 100%. Now, I'm known for getting on here and posting stupid things while being drunk and/or high. But that's because it was my choice to do so. Believe it or not, I rarely smoke or drink. There's actually been times when I've been under the influence and have not come on the forum to post, simply because I wasn't feeling up to it. It was my choice to partake in these drugs, not my friends. I have declined offers before. If I smoke or drink, that's because it was my choice.

Certain drugs do affect you in the long run, but not if you do it recreationally. Also, know your limits. I once pushed my limit and it was bad. Don't get so fucked up off your ass, that you don't even know what the hell you're doing anymore. That is just stupid. Also, don't give up everything for the drug. Example: if you have a job and you know they do random drug tests, and you decide to smoke weed one night, and they test you the next morning. You have no one to blame but yourself.

So, basically, if you want to try it, go for it. But don't do it so much as to ruin your life. If you don't, hey great for you. Because it's ultimately your choice.

RE: Recreational Drugs - Soylent Blue - 02-13-2013

(02-13-2013, 05:12 AM)Towel Wrote: So, basically, if you want to try it, go for it.

I would not apply this idea for all drugs.

RE: Recreational Drugs - Ekkie - 02-13-2013

I'm strongly anti-drug, because I've been taught all my life not to turn out like my dad.

So yeah.

RE: Recreational Drugs - Joe - 02-13-2013

I know a kid whose life was destroyed by drugs. Whatever shred of his original personality he had is now completely gone, lost because of the massive amounts of who knows what he takes. He was a smart kid, and not somebody you'd expect to lose control like that, either. Which is why I don't do drugs and recommend nobody else does. But it's your life and you can do what you want with it.

RE: Recreational Drugs - The Fan - 02-13-2013

I honestly think there shouldn't be ANY illegal drugs. If drugs are what make you happy you should have the right to do them without harming others.

RE: Recreational Drugs - Joe - 02-13-2013

Oh, have you guys heard of the study showing that meth addicts in an area can reduce the rate of drug usage? People are afraid of ending up like the meth addicts. I dunno where I heard it from, though.

RE: Recreational Drugs - Adam B - 02-13-2013

I think drugs are illegal for a reason. People who are on them usually use them for fun, which leads to them doing stupid crap because of inhibited judgement. As far as enlightenment goes, I have a hard time believing you can learn ANYTHING real - especially about the nature of the freakin universe - when your mind is in an encumbered state. It stands to reason that the only way you can actually learn about things like that is having a clear mind and a still heart.

So, no one has ever died from smoking weed. You know what does kill people? Being high and deciding to walk out in front of a moving bus. I know of someone that happened to. Drugs are bad. There's no reason you should ever want or need to alter your mind. Just find something in life you like to do and do it. Who needs drugs?