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Devil's Advocate - StuffedShark - 05-05-2015

Simple game. We don't do games anymore

The rules to this thread are simple, you will be given one of three options. Pick one of the three options and argue how the person/place/thing is in fact a good thing rather than something shitty. Please use more than like, two sentences. Then, give three examples of persons/places/things that are popularly viewed as bad. 

Other rules: Don't be fucking stupid. I know it's REEAALLLYYY hard for some of you asstards to not put "hitler wasn't bad cuz of jews tee hee" and think you're being hilarious. Don't do that shit. Don't do anything stupid like genocide, murder, hitler, North Korea, etc. Don't. Don't do it. 
Also, don't give an option that most people won't know. Some things everyone won't know, for instance Nickelback. Some people have never heard their music but it's still a wide consensus that they are shit. But things like "yeah this one guy who cut out this one comic book character I like, he's a dick" that stuff is dumb, and don't do it. That also goes for bands that are anything other than monumentally world famous. Like, don't say "Asia" @Stuff and Al. 

The point of this thread is to try and argue from a different point of view. I'll give a short example. I think George Lucas is a faglord. But I will be the Devil's advocate for him. 

George Lucas might be infamous for the controversial Star Wars prequels and that awful Indiana Jones movie, and he is also known for being a super hypocrite and money monger, but let's not forget the fact that he did one thing: He gave us Star Wars. Even though he trashed his work in his later years, the originals are still great and they are around because of him. He has also made other good movies, like American Graffiti. 

^ ^ ^ 
This is a good example. 

Do something like that. Also, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT follow up with a counter argument to the previous post. I know it seems like it defeats the purpose of the thread, but it could become a clusterfuck if everyone is just arguing about different shit all over the thread. So keep your post to your Devil's advocate argument and your options. 

My options for the next poster:
Boy Bands
George W. Bush

RE: Devil's Advocate - pacsmaniac 2 - 05-05-2015

boy bands:

because justin timberlake was in nsync, and everyone knows nsync is the shit, and so is justin timberlake

fuck i cant think of anything good uhhhh

one direction
justin bieber

RE: Devil's Advocate - EducatedBanana - 05-05-2015

hitler wasn't bad cuz of jews tee hee

seriously though, justin bieber. i'm pretty sure most of us would do the same shit if we were where he was.

floyd mayweather
call of duty

RE: Devil's Advocate - Rockstar - 05-06-2015

Arguably without the massive juggernaut Call of Duty, gaming wouldn't be what it is today. They paved the way for modern day entertainment on a yearly scheme that although offers us the same thing annually, still keeps us busy and coming back each year for more. I've spent countless months playing Call of Duty, and I still find it enjoyable. My life honestly wouldn't be the same if it never became popular.

Tobacco (of any kind)

RE: Devil's Advocate - StuffedShark - 05-06-2015

While Tobacco is bad for you (especially chewing tobacco) it can help relieve stress and can be significantly less dangerous if used in moderation. Also, cigarettes are expensive blah blah economy boost blah blah.

Apple Products
Day-1 DLC
Jersey Shore

RE: Devil's Advocate - popinloopy - 05-06-2015

Apple products are actually great for competition. They only make people pay for the hardware; the OS is free. And even then, the hardware itself is alright, too. I've never tried doing this, so I have no personal experience, but an old teacher of mine once said "nothing is stronger than an Apple computer running Windows" so I have an alright impression of the hardware.

This forum

Alright, fine.

Recreational use of illegal drugs
Being selfish

RE: Devil's Advocate - Aaronthebaron - 05-06-2015

Recreational use of illegal drugs is something that every and any adult should have the ability to do. There is no greater example of an expression of one's freedom than being able to use your body in a recreational way and not get sucked into it too much.


RE: Devil's Advocate - Circadian - 05-06-2015

A pedophile isn't doing any harm to anyone simply by liking children. As long as he (or she) doesn't act on those attractions (e.g. consuming/making child porn or molesting children) then there isn't any harm in it. It's similar to someone who is turned on by rape: as long as don't actually rape anyone or watch/film real rapes, nobody is really being hurt.



RE: Devil's Advocate - Joe - 05-07-2015

"SJWs" is a nice tarp to lay overtop the much uglier hornet's nest that is online political discussion, SJW is just the label applied to anyone more left-wing than you are. There are far shittier political opinions out there than radical social progressivism, including political opinions that rest with congressmen. You can say what you want about the radical left, but the radical right controls a much larger percentage of American politics and still stands as a larger threat to your ideals than any other political movement.


RE: Devil's Advocate - mortified_penguin - 05-07-2015

Capitalism is the natural order of a mercantile society. Democracy is at its core the idea that the government has no place deciding as an entity what is best for the people; that job belongs to the people themselves. Capitalism is a direct step from this. Capitalism dictates that the government has no place interfering with the citizen or private business' wealth or goods, and so the consumer will dictate the market. If a company is in competition with another, it benefits the market directly, as innovation will drive down costs and boost productivity. If a company is not in competition with another, either it is producing an objectively superiority good, or an opportunity for a competing entity has yet to be seized. Giving such power to the government not only violates the freedom of the consumer, but hurts the market as well.

If you would like an example of this, see the ISP corporations throught America. Because of No-competition laws signed in by the government, many companies have been able to establish regional monopolies. (http://www.wired.com/2013/07/we-need-to-stop-focusing-on-just-cable-companies-and-blame-local-government-for-dismal-broadband-competition/) Had the consumer been able to vote with their wallet, the need for competition would have spurred us into much better internet service.

Easy: Capital Punishment
Medium: Eugenics
Hard: Stopping all welfare benefits (SS, food stamps, gov't housing, etc)