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Your favorite Youtube shows? - MaxiTheBanned - 01-08-2016

Whoa, it's been a long time since i've made my last thread.

So since the tv shows thread was a moderate success, why not do a youtube show thread?

i'll start.

Roadkill, great show about two insane idiots called mike finnigan and david freiburger picking up old rusted POS cars, making them "roadworthy" again, and all that on a tight budget in a small timeframe. kind of reminds me of the top gear budget bits, especially when you look at what kind of stuff they're pulling off just to get a car on the road.

most recent episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUefSKCjP8w&index=1&list=PL12C0C916CECEA3BC

I've also been watching a lot of videos from RoyalJordanian, but i dont think you'd like that channel since it's only about bikes. well, mr. triangulum might.
he's pretty famous in the biking community for his "daily observations" videos in london traffic.

...this is the right forum topic for this thread, ja?

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - Triangulum - 01-09-2016

I like hickok45's channel. It's firearms based; basically this guy and (sometimes) his son shoot guns on their own range. It's a great channel to get an idea of what's good about a given gun, and he has a lot of good advice concerning concealed carry. I wouldn't say it's a review show, but more of a gun showcase show. Also, Glocks.

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - Joe - 01-09-2016

I really like this guy
he talks about all kinds of stuff like social issues and life advice. I think he's generally agreeable and I really like how he tries to engage in dialogue with other youtubers

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - FonzieVanHelsing - 01-09-2016

game grumps, call me basic
theneedledrop, call me ignorant

dunkey is hilarious, so is cr1tikal
jontron is the best tho

I watch nothing interesting anymore :/

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - TheOrangeDart - 01-09-2016

I watch Game Grumps literally everyday so I can't just not post that here.

Recently I've been really in to Rob Scallon's channel. He's a really good guitarist. He plays tons of different guitar/stringed instruments. He does covers, covers using completely different instruments than the original song, challenges (make a song using only 1 string), and other guitar related things.

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - popinloopy - 01-09-2016

NorthernLion and Sleepcycles are the two main channels I watch nowadays. Every now and again I'll watch some CaptainSparklez or some RageGamingVideos or something, though.

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - brieze - 01-09-2016

I love Philip DeFranco. And sometimes Sourcefed. You Suck at Cooking is probably my favorite. Nikki Limo is good too.

RE: Your favorite Youtube shows? - JustServedEmpanadas - 01-09-2016

Good Mythical Morning is pretty fucking funny.

I wanna start watching The Great War. The episodes I've seen are really interesting.

skippy62able (LA Beast) is the fucking bomb. He just does random food challenges that no sane person would do, like eat a whole pineapple (minus the leaves because they're poisonous), drink a gallon of honey while covered in a beard of bees, eat an entire 5 lb bag of those sugar free gummy bears, eat 100 assorted Warheads, eat 6 fermented duck eggs, eating dozens of Hot Pockets while standing in a huge blue trash can full of ice water, dude's insane. Lots of vomiting though, so if that bothers you you might wanna steer clear (not all of his videos have vomiting, he gives good warning on the videos that do though).

Also Vsauce sometimes, ASAPscience, MinutePhysics, Jacksfilms