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carly rae jepsen - Dusclops - 09-19-2017

she sings and she sings well
she's canadian 
best song is call me maybe and fever and well it's hard to say because they're ALL SO GOOD
that's what i think about that

RE: carly rae jepsen - TheOrangeDart - 09-19-2017

I like her legs.
For example, here's what she'd look like taking a dump.

[Image: 937973085ce53d3c36404721407bf63c--guilty...-maybe.jpg]

RE: carly rae jepsen - StuffedShark - 09-19-2017

I've never meh'd harder in my life

RE: carly rae jepsen - FonzieVanHelsing - 09-20-2017

Cute bangs

RE: carly rae jepsen - Croaks - 09-23-2017


RE: carly rae jepsen - Dr. Stuff - 09-24-2017

how has nate not posted in this thread yet?

RE: carly rae jepsen - Triangulum - 09-24-2017

(09-19-2017, 06:27 AM)StuffedShark Wrote: I've never meh'd harder in my life

You're hurting our friendship.

Also, CRJ is Jesus.